What if my Airbags Never Deployed after an Accident?

Car Accident Lawsuit Airbag Never Deployed

How Your Car Accident Lawsuit Changes if Airbags Malfunction

“They just don’t build them like they used to!” It’s a common sentiment about how vehicles are built today.  And most of us should be saying, “Thank goodness they don’t build them like they used to!” Modern vehicles are significantly safer than those of yesteryear.  This sentiment stems from the idea that most people don’t understand the technology that goes into the vehicles.  The old, solid steel, heavy vehicles could withstand a lot of abuse.  And after an accident they could come out with little damage.  But the force of an accident has to go somewhere… in those old vehicles it was transferred to the occupant. Today’s vehicles use crumple zones, sensors, computers, seatbelts, airbags, and more to keep you safe.  After a major accident the vehicle might be destroyed, but you are left relatively unscathed.  Of course, none of that matters if the safety aspects of your vehicle don’t work correctly. What if the airbags never deploy?

Airbag Malfunctions and Your Car Accident Lawsuit

A few years ago the airbag manufacturer Takata was under a lot of pressure.  Millions of airbags they made were defective: either exploding open with far too much force, or under inflating and not providing protection.  Class action lawsuits happened, recalls were issued, and millions of people had their lives affected.

While the majority of airbags deploy properly and save thousands of lives every single day, there are times when they malfunction and deploy improperly or not at all.  If that has happened to you, you need attorney Zach Herbert to investigate your potential car accident lawsuit so you can get the compensation that you deserve.

Who May be Liable if Airbags don’t Deploy

When you’re injured in a car accident, liability can be confusing.  If the other driver ran a red light and smashed into you, that’s one thing.  But commercial vehicles, defective products, drunk driving, varying road conditions… well, all can end up having an effect on the outcome of your lawsuit!

Let’s focus on the airbags for now.  If they don’t work the right way, we have to look at a big variety of factors to discover the reason; from there we can determine who is liable.

  • Computer Issues: Modern vehicles run with the help of a computer.  When you are involved in a crash, the sensor sends the signal to the computer, the computer relays the information to the airbag to deploy.  If the computer malfunctions, the airbags never get the message.
  • Sensor Issues: Different vehicles have different locations for the airbag sensors.  Some are in the front bumper, some in the fenders, some in the sides.  Each sensor will tell the computer which airbag to deploy.  If the sensor isn’t working, the computer doesn’t get the message.
  • Replacement Issues: Have you been in a crash before?  Did the airbag deploy in the past?  Airbags can be reset into vehicles if they have crashed.  If the body shop that did the work on your vehicle did it incorrectly, the airbag might not deploy correctly the next time it’s needed.
  • Installation Issues: When rolling down the assembly line, each vehicle is put together with precision.  One missed screw, one missed strap, or one missed piece could result in the entire assembly malfunctioning when you need it most.
  • Product Issues: When a company is making millions of something, saving just a few cents on products can make a huge difference.  But if the new materials used wear out faster, and the product doesn’t work when it should, those savings are all for naught.

In each situation above, there is a different party that may be liable for the airbag issue.  Your car accident lawsuit dramatically changes depending on what happened and how it happened.  It’s not something that you can handle on your own; you need a car accident attorney on your side!

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