What if My Limb is Amputated after a Car Wreck?

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What Compensation is Available after Amputation

A severe car wreck may cause injuries serious enough that a limb must be amputated.  There are some injuries that will heal, but when it comes to amputation, your life will be changed forever.

How do you cope with the loss of a limb or a digit?  How do you recover from that and move on with your life?  How do you know what the future will bring, and are you prepared to fight with an insurance company that is offering a settlement that will just barely cover medical bills?

Long before you are put in this position, have Herbert Law Group on speed dial.  Then, you can focus on recovering instead of fighting with an insurance company.

Traumatic Amputation and Non-Traumatic Amputation

In the world of medicine, there are two types of amputation.  Not that the procedure is done differently, the end result is the removal of a limb.  The difference is the cause that required a limb to be amputated.

Traumatic amputation occurs when the limb has suffered so much trauma, that there is no hope for it to heal on its own.  If your leg was crushed in a motorcycle wreck, to the point where it’s just mangled, traumatic amputation would remove it so the rest of your body can heal.  Sometimes limbs are “amputated” during the wreck, and unless great care is taken, they usually cannot be re-attached.

Non-traumatic amputation occurs when the limb is not healing properly.  This is usually seen in patients with poor blood flow.  The limb has no chance to survive, and it’s best to remove it.  After an accident, non-traumatic amputation can occur weeks, or even months, after the wreck.  Infections, poor blood flow, limbs that aren’t healing, and more can necessitate removal.

The Long Road to Recovery after the Loss of a Limb

If you have a limb amputated, it’s no secret to say that your life will be turned upside down for quite a while.  And it’s no secret to say that things will be different for the rest of your life.

But just how different will they be?

The initial healing process is naturally going to be the hardest.  Learning to use a prosthetic will take months, or even years, to master.  Simple daily tasks have to be adjusted, and coping skills learned when things don’t go as planned.

But consider the even longer lasting effects.  Will your relationships suffer?  Will you need therapy as a result of a failed marriage due to the loss of a limb?  How much will prosthetics cost?  How much will it cost to remodel your home to accommodate your new way of living?

These are all things that the insurance companies are hoping you don’t take into account.  Then, they can woo you in with a settlement that looks like it will suffice… but won’t meet all of your needs.

Contact Herbert Law Group to Receive Compensation that lets You Heal

In order to recover the amount you need to survive, heal, and fully get back to living your life, you need a car wreck attorney in Dallas that will go to bat for you.  You need Herbert Law Group.

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