Why You Need a Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

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Big Rig Accidents are All Different

You’re on your way home from work, stopped at a light, and an inexperienced driver doesn’t see you in time.

You’re in a fender bender.  Annoying? Yes.  Complicated?  Not usually.

But what if you’re on the highway and a semi truck jackknifes in front of you?  What if you swerve to avoid hitting the truck, and you hit another motorist?  What if the truck overturns, and you’re pinned beneath it?  The world of commercial truck accidents is complicated with a thousand different variables.

If you have been involved in one of these types of accidents, you need a semi truck accident lawyer to navigate the waters.

Differing Degrees of Semi Truck Accidents

Most of the time we think of accidents as pretty straightforward.  A truck driver didn’t slow down in time and rear ended you, or a truck veered into your lane and sideswiped your car, or a truck ran a red light and t-boned you… there are a number of scenarios and often when we imagine them it’s driver error that caused the wreck.

Let’s take a look at a handful of commercial truck wrecks from May and June 2021 to see just how different these can be.

Car Pinned Beneath Truck in Oregon

A semi truck near Portland, Oregon flipped onto its side while traveling down I-5 recently.  One unlucky motorist happened to be driving next to the big rig, and the occupants were trapped inside their vehicle pinned beneath the truck.  Fortunately, they weren’t killed in the crash.

Cement Truck Driver Seriously Injured in Michigan

Here’s a unique one: the driver of a commercial truck rear ended another commercial truck.  The cement truck driver crashed into the back of the semi truck.  Traffic was slowing down, and the semi had decreased its speed to accommodate; the cement truck driver didn’t slow in time.

Driver Airlifted to Florida Hospital

A driver navigating the highway along the Florida Panhandle was airlifted to a nearby hospital after being involved in a crash with a semi truck.  The driver was pinned under the truck and trapped in the vehicle until rescue crews could extract him.

Woman Hospitalized after Being Rear Ended in California

A woman had stopped her vehicle along the side of the road on I-10 in Southern California.  It’s unclear why the semi struck her from behind.  The commercial truck rear ended the vehicle which rolled onto its roof causing the driver to be rushed to the hospital with critical injuries.

Motorcyclist with Life Threatening Injuries in Ohio

In Ohio a motorcycle driver collided with a semi truck on a recent afternoon.  Details are sparse as to the cause of the wreck, but the outcome is not good for the biker.  He was airlifted with life-threatening injuries to the closest hospital.

Two Killed in Semi Crash in Kentucky

In Kentucky two young men driving a pickup truck and pulling a trailer crashed into a semi truck hauling freight.  The pickup went under the trailer of the truck and killed the two men instantly.  It’s unclear how the pickup ended up striking the semi, or who was at fault for the accident.

Truck Flips on Interstate Near Cleveland

On a busy Wednesday afternoon, a semi hauling a load of dry concrete navigated a turn a little too quickly.  As gravity did its job, the truck flipped onto its side and blocked all lanes of traffic.  If you had been driving nearby, would you have been able to get clear, or would you have been pinned under it?

These are just a few of the thousands of yearly crashes involving commercial vehicles.  Every one of them is different.  Every one of them needs a semi truck accident lawyer to ensure that the victim is being compensated completely to ensure proper healing.

Herbert Law Group: Your Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

One of the biggest causes of stress in our lives today is money issues.

If you’re injured, or a loved one is killed, in a semi truck accident, there will be money issues.

While we can’t take away the injury, or bring back that loved one that you miss, we can take away some of the stress you’re feeling so you can focus on healing.

You need a semi truck accident lawyer after a wreck with a commercial truck.  That way you can know everything is being handled for you.

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