Your Legal Rights After Colliding with a Deer

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What You can do if you’re Injured in a Deer Collision

Texas isn’t a high risk state when it comes to animal collisions.  A recent study done by State Farm shows the state as medium risk; the odds of hitting an animal on Texas highways are 1 in 158.

But legally, what are your rights if you hit a deer, or other animal, and you’re injured in the crash?  Your Dallas car crash attorney weighs in and gives you the details.

What Happens after a Collision with an Animal

First, we should say that we’re talking about collisions with wild animals.  Escaped domestic animals are going to have some other legality around them.

If you hit a wild animal on a Texas highway, and a crash ensues because of it, the only difference is that there is no other party that could be at fault.  You can’t, after all, file a suit against the animal even if it did survive the accident.

But for you, the outcome remains.  There is damage to your vehicle, you have medical bills due to injuries, and you have probably sustained some lost wages as you recover from those injuries.  The financial impact of that animal running in front of your vehicle can be huge!

Fortunately, Texans are usually protected (to an extent) with mandatory insurance requirements.

What Insurances Cover Your Loss after a Deer Collision

After colliding with a deer, there are several important factors that come into play to ensure that you’re fully restored (at least financially).

Collision Coverage – There are three types of car insurance, liability, collision, and comprehensive.  Liability insurance covers the other party’s vehicle in the event of a crash, comprehensive covers situations like tree branches, hail damage, theft, etc.  Collision coverage protects you if you collide with something while driving.  This is what will pay to have your vehicle towed and repaired (if it hasn’t been totaled out).

Rental Insurance – Many policies have the option to add rental reimbursement coverage.  Between the time you are in the accident, and when your vehicle is repaired, you still need something to drive.

PIP Insurance – Personal Injury Protection insurance is required in Texas.  The minimum, however, is just $2,500.  This insurance covers medical bills, lost wages, and losses due to the injury.  Often there are limits (such as it may only pay 80% of your lost wages), and most people would be better served with more protection than just the minimum.

How can a Dallas Car Crash Attorney Help?

A deer collision can cause just as much damage as a vehicle collision; especially if it causes you to veer off the road.  But without another party, the responsibility is solely on you, the driver.

While most car crash attorneys won’t be able to help, there are just a few instances where you will want to speak with us.

Do you have full coverage, including at least the minimum PIP insurance?  Is your insurance company refusing to cover the accident?  Then they may be acting in bad faith.  If that’s the case, then you will want to speak with Zach Herbert or Brian Eberstein, car crash attorneys in the Dallas, Texas area.

Simply call us at 214-414-3808 or fill out the contact form to get things started for your free initial consultation.