4 Times Motorcycle Riders Recovered

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Motorcycle Accidents that Had a Happy(ish) Ending

Motorcycle wrecks can have serious, if not deadly, consequences.  There are, however, some happy-ish endings to some wrecks.  Not that the rider wasn’t injured, but they were able to recover and avoid dying in a wreck that otherwise would have been fatal.

The Car Crash Captain has rounded up a handful of these stories.  We have included a few safety tips on how they could be avoided, and show why you need a great motorcycle accident lawyer if you’re ever in a wreck like these.

Jay Leno Breaks Ribs, Collarbone, and Kneecaps

Comedian Jay Leno is known for his love of cars and motorcycles.  So, it’s no surprise he was out riding a 1940 Indian motorcycle when his wreck occurred in January, 2023.  After smelling the scent of gasoline, he decided to turn around and not risk the bike catching fire.  But upon turning into an unused parking lot, he ran smack into a wire that had been strung across the entrance and was nearly invisible.  In good spirits, he is healing – albeit with a reconstructed ear.

What can we learn?  Well, private property offers few safety options – be alert when turning into a parking lot; especially an empty on.

Houston Area Woman Recovers from Brain Injury

In August, 2021, Meissa Neumann was out for a ride – a similar ride that she does nearly every week.  This time, however, a vehicle failed to yield and smashed into her.  An off-duty paramedic rushed to help and noticed she was not in good shape.  Hospital reports later showed pelvic fractures, lacerations on the right leg, and lung injuries.  A fighter she didn’t give up.  A slow recovery meant learning to speak, function, and walk again.  As of May, 2023 she is still recovering her physical and mental abilities, but she is lucky to even be alive.

What can we learn?  Be very cautious when riding.  Many motorists don’t look twice, and fail to see the smaller imprint a motorcycle rider has.

Notre Dame Student Loses Leg after Motorcycle Accident

Leaving a car show in June, 2022, Andrew Daigneau has little memory of the day.  Shortly after getting on the road, another motorist swerved into his path.  Despite evasive action, he couldn’t avoid a wreck.  Flying from his bike, Andrew hit his jaw on the vehicle, breaking 15 teeth and pushing his jaw into his skull.  He reports that he broke his neck in 3 places, two ribs, sternum, compound fractured his humerus, broke his hip, his pelvis, left tibia, and his right leg was fractured with a severed femoral artery.  With an amazing recovery, he now walks with a prosthetic leg, but not without an average of 2 doctor visits every day for a year.

What can we learn?  Know your bike and practice defensive riding.  Had Andrew not taken quick action, his story would likely be a memorial.

Couple Suffers Injuries; Family Helps Recovery

In May, 2022, Micahel and Julie Koberger were involved in a wreck in South Carolina.  Broken bones, a brain injury, and damage to Michael’s spleen sent him into a coma in the ICU for much of his hospital stay.  He reports that when he woke up, he was hard pressed to have any hope.  Surrounded by family, however, he rallied with their support.  Both are still recovering from their injuries, but both are thankful to be alive.

What can we learn?  Recovery is easier when you have family to help reduce the stress.  A motorcycle accident lawyer helps reduce that stress even further.

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