5 Motorcycle Myths that Cause More Harm than Good

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Motorcycle Myths Abound; Here are a Few to Dispel

There’s nothing wrong with a nice ride.  There’s a feeling you get on two wheels that you simply can’t get on four.  Over the years, however, certain myths have popped up that don’t seem to go away.  Well, it’s time to dispel these popular myths that actually make riding more dangerous.

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Motorcycle Myths we Can Say “Goodbye” To

There are plenty more motorcycle myths out there.  These are just a few of the most popular and why they’re not actually true.

Loud Pipes Save Lives

By design motorcycle pipes face backward.  That means the majority of the noise put out by a loud bike, shoots behind the motorcycle.  There may be a few times when a motorcycle is loud enough to alert another driver to their presence, but in these situations they are likely so close that the other driver already knows they are there.

Loud pipes aren’t the answer to being noticed.

Motorcycle Helmets Break Necks

The idea here is that when you put more weight on top of your head, it means it puts your neck through more stress in the event of an impact.  The myth, however, is that the added 3.5 pounds isn’t enough to really cause much harm.  In fact, modern DOT approved helmets are designed in such a way to absorb the shock and lessen the strain on the neck.

Impacting the ground at speed means energy has to be transferred somewhere.  In a vehicle it’s into the crumple zones, but on a motorcycle it’s in the protective equipment.

A Helmet Usually Doesn’t Help

As long as we’re on the topic of helmets, let’s tackle a big myth that a helmet isn’t usually necessary.  This motorcycle myth comes from the idea that the bulk of those who survive wrecks, do so with serious injuries to their arms, legs, and backs.  It’s a case of we don’t see what’s not in front of us.

The truth is that studies show there would be significantly more fatal motorcycle wrecks if helmets were not worn.

Don’t Crash; Lay it Down

It’s possible that 50 or 60 years ago, you could slow a motorcycle much faster by laying it down and letting it slide instead of applying the brakes.  It’s also possible that many people think by laying the bike down, they can “slide” out of the way of a collision.

What happens, however, is that the metal on roadway doesn’t slow down.  It skids across the top.  And now, instead of being up higher, where you have a chance of being thrown clear of the other vehicle, you’re sliding underneath it.  Let the tires and anti-lock brakes do the work to get rid of the most speed before impact.

A Helmet Blocks Your View

Back to helmets for a minute before we’re done.  The safest helmet is one that not only covers your head, but your full face too.  That face shield will save you from losing half of your face to the pavement if you’re thrown off face first.  While it might diminish your view a small bit, it’s not going to be enough to have an effect.

If you need some in-your-face (no pun intended) evidence of why full face helmets are important, do a quick search on what the helmet looks like after a wreck.

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