A Motorcycle Claim is Different than a Car Wreck Claim

Texas Motorcycle Claim accident lawyer

Understand the Nuances of a Texas Motorcycle Claim

Even though the outcomes are similar, a motorcycle claim is different than a car wreck claim.  Sure, you’ve suffered injuries and had your property damaged in both, but there are some key differences that mean you will want to have a great motorcycle crash attorney on your side.

Let’s take a look at those differences, and let’s see what the Car Crash Captain has to say about them.

Passenger Vehicle Wrecks vs. Motorcycle Wrecks

Leading up to, and after, the wreck there are some variations we need to pay attention to.  Both motor vehicle operators, and motorcycle riders, will fare better when everyone pays more attention.

Visibility Factor

Because motorcycles are smaller, they’re naturally harder to see.  Combine that with the rise in distracted driving (largely due to cell phone use in the last decade or so), and motorcycles often go unnoticed.  Motorists must pay attention and look for motorcycles; riders must be vigilant to watch out for those who aren’t paying attention.

Protective Factor

There’s no protective cage around a bike.  A slow speed collision that would damage a vehicle, but otherwise leave occupants unharmed, crushes legs and knocks riders to the ground.  These injuries have long-lasting effects.  There are ways to help protect yourself on a motorcycle.

Stopping Factor

If you’re following another car too closely, you might be able to slam on your brakes if they have to stop short.  If you’re not quick enough, you rear-end them and likely only minor injuries ensue.  If you’re following a motorcycle too closely, they stop faster than a passenger car.  It’s harder to avoid a collision, and bikers can get crushed between two vehicles.

Injury Factor

A minor collision on a motorcycle can end up causing major injuries.  Even those “minor” collisions can result in a fatal accident for the motorcycle rider.  Remember, proper protective gear can minimize injuries.

Insurance Factor

Because those injuries are often more severe – resulting in a lifetime of disability or an early death – they tend to be larger claims when filed with insurance companies.  The company that has insured the at-fault driver will fight harder to minimize a large claim, often trying to deny it on a technicality.  Motorcycle riders need to be diligent to make sure the insurance company doesn’t “trick” them into something that can be used against them.

Herbert Law Group Factor

When claims involve a serious injury, and because the insurance company is going to want to minimize or deny the claim, it’s important to have a Texas motorcycle lawyer on your side.

With the power of an attorney, you can focus on healing from your injuries.  You don’t have to worry about those insurance companies, righting for what you deserve, or accidentally slipping up and saying something that could affect your claim.

All you have to tell them is, “I’m working with Herbert Law Group, you can direct inquiries to them.”

We’ll take care of the rest.

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