Accident Injuries May Not Display Symptoms Immediately

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Your Accident Injuries Could Progress if you don’t Seek Attention

Your body has natural defenses against trauma.  Adrenaline kicks in, pain receptors seemingly “turn off”, and while you might be shaken, you otherwise feel fine.  Accident injuries, however, still happen even if you “feel fine.”

Today we look at how injuries can be seemingly hidden.  We look at what to do after a wreck so these injuries don’t progress and become life-threatening.

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Two Major Accident Injuries that can be Hidden

When we say “hidden” injuries, we mean those that are not immediately recognizable as an injury.  While a broken leg might be hidden to the view, it’s immediately recognizable as the victim will be able to tell right away that there’s something wrong.

Traumatic Brain Injury can Remain Hidden

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, encompasses a wide range of injuries to the head.  Our body does a great job of protecting the brain, but this delicate organ is highly susceptible to damage; especially during a car accident.

Concussions are one of the most common injuries that have symptoms that persist and show up later.  When the brain moves inside your head, it can “bounce” off the skull.  The harder the bounce, the more serious the injury.

But when your adrenaline is flowing, your body can mask the symptoms allowing you to escape danger.  Then, when things have calmed down, do you realize that you’re injured.  It’s a primal instinct that has kept us alive as a species for a long time.  But if you feel faint, dizzy, confused, have a headache, or have trouble recalling memories, you have signs of a brain injury.

The sooner you catch the injury, the sooner treatment can start, and the likelihood of long-term damage decreases.

Organ Damage can Remain Hidden

Similar to your brain, your internal organs can suffer damage as they rattle around inside your rib cage.

If you’re traveling at 70mph, and your vehicle suddenly stops, you are pushed forward as your body continues to travel at 70mph.  Now consider yourself the vehicle, and your organs as the body.  Your body stops suddenly, but those internal organs keep moving forward until they’re restrained by your ribs, connective tissues, and overall just pressing against each other.

If these organs are bruised, or tears occur, you can start to bleed internally.  That internal bleeding might start out as minor discomfort, but progress into a major problem.

With internal organ damage, your first symptoms often show up when the damage has reached a critical point; one that might be too late to correct.

Even if you don’t feel like anything is bruised inside, a medical professional needs to look you over so that you can be treated before the situation gets worse.

Talk with Herbert Law Group after a Wreck

The longer you wait to seek medical treatment for accident injuries, the harder it’s going to be on your physical and financial recovery.

Physically, the damage will have set in and take more to correct it.  Financially, it gets harder to prove that you were injured in the wreck, and not due to another situation.

That’s why you need to get treated by a doctor, and talk to Herbert Law Group right away.  We have seen a lot of car accident claims.  We know what to look for, how much it’s going to cost to “fix” you, and how to handle the entire process.  Let us do the hard work, you focus on healing.

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