Common Challenges in a Texas Motorcycle Accident Case

texas motorcycle accident case

Motorcycle Accidents in Texas Face Unique Challenges

Most of the Lone Star State has lovely motorcycle riding weather all year round.  While there are some times of year when it’s not entirely desirable, the bulk of the months contain beautiful weather to have the wind hit your face as you cruise on two wheels.

We have to point out, however, that there are certain risks involved with navigating the roadways without the protection of a car or truck encasing you.  In 2021, 5,932 riders across the US lost their lives in fatal accidents; many thousands more were seriously injured – some with lifelong disabilities as the result.

Riding is a risk that most riders consider worth it.  So, let’s see what the Car Crash Captain says we should pay attention to if we’re going to hit the road on two wheels.

Your Texas Motorcycle Accident Case May Face Biases

You have likely heard riders on their performance bikes ripping around town late at night.  Yeah, it happens during the day too, but it’s usually after dark.  They’re obnoxious, they take risks, and they’re a tiny percentage of the motorcycle riding community.  But those few give the entire lot a bad name.

If your Texas motorcycle accident case goes to court, the jury may come in with some preconceived biases that we have to overcome.  Statistically speaking, you’re a good rider, and this wreck wasn’t due to anything you did wrong.

Your Texas Motorcycle Accident Will Likely Result in Severe Injuries

As we mentioned, motorcycles don’t have that protective cab surrounding them.  That means even a slow speed wreck can result in severe injuries.  You’re less likely to walk away unscathed than you are with debilitating injury, or not walk away at all.

Severe injuries can mean months of recovery, and even a lifetime of learning how to live again.  You may need special equipment, ongoing physical therapy, and there’s a chance you may never work again.  Insurance companies will discount the injury, and later in life you may end up without recourse.

Your Texas Motorcycle Accident Case will have Insurance Complications

Insurance complications are going to range from the easy to overcome, to the more difficult.  It’s easy, yet cumbersome, to file a claim that will compensate you for your damaged bike and hospital bills.  It’s harder, however, to prove that because your right leg is mangled, you need substantial financial compensation to manage life going forward.

A Texas personal injury lawyer will fight for you.  We know the law, we know what it takes to recover, and we can show previous examples of clients who received substantial payouts – and why you need a substantial payout as well.

Herbert Law Group can Navigate a Your Claim

With extensive experience dealing with these types or wrecks, Herbert Law Group knows what it takes to get you on the road to recovery.

First, however, we need to know what happened and see how we can help.  It starts with a free phone call.  Get in touch with our office at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll reach out to you.