Holiday Truck Accident Survival Guide

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How to Travel Safe through the Holidays

There are a few times of the year that are much more dangerous to be on the road.  The 100 days from Memorial Day to Labor Day – the summer vacation months – top the list year after year.

Closely following those summer days, however, are periods around the holidays.  Thanksgiving weekend, and the week from Christmas to New Years are loaded with accidents, including those that involve commercial trucks.

During this cheery and merry time of year, don’t let a holiday truck accident ruin the mood.  The Car Crash Captain has the information on how you can get through this time safe and sound.

Top 4 Reasons for Holiday Truck Accidents

We know just how aggravating it can get when traffic picks up.  We have a destination in mind, and a goal on when we want to get there.  Cue all the other people who had the same plans as we did, and it’s rather frustrating.  The same things that frustrate and aggravate the average driver, frustrate and aggravate truck drivers as well.

Heavy Traffic – More traffic causes two issues.  First, there are more chances of hitting another vehicle.  But the second issue is even worse.  When traffic gets congested, people get frustrated and take more chances.  Heavy traffic can lead to a holiday truck accident due to poor driving choices.

Road Conditions – Winter is generally a time when the roads aren’t in ideal driving conditions.  In Texas they stay dry and safe, for the most part.  But those who live in the Dallas area know that an ice storm in winter is not unheard of; drivers of cars and semi-trucks don’t do well on the icy roads.

Tight Deadlines – As more and more people order gifts online, those delivering the goods have larger and larger loads to haul.  When people need their items, drivers can push the limits on what they legally are allowed to do, and mistakes get made.

Substance Abuse – No matter how you look at it, driving under the influence is a major problem for all sorts of motorists.  Whether it’s alcohol, marijuana, or another controlled substance, a holiday truck accident can occur when someone has had a bit too much.

How to Avoid being in a Holiday Truck Accident

The best way to avoid being injured or killed in a truck accident is to not travel at all.  But we can’t just live in a bubble, and life is full of risks.

While it would be wonderful if every driver took extreme care and drove safely, we can only control our own actions.  So, we set ourselves up for safety by driving defensively.

Leave Earlier – We all know how hard it is to get out the door on time.  But a few extra minutes can mean the difference between keeping your cool, or making a risky move.  Don’t be the cause of a wreck because of poor planning.

Use the 12 Second Rule – No matter when you’re driving, you want to be looking 12 seconds ahead of your vehicle.  This will allow you to take action well in advance when you see something going wrong.

Slow Down – That four-wheel-drive will help you grip the slick roads a little better when accelerating or turning, but if someone pulls out in front of you, it doesn’t help you stop any faster.

Wear a Seatbelt – Traffic fatality rates plummeted when seatbelts became mandatory.  There have been numerous studies that show seatbelts save lives.  Buckling up can mean the difference between walking away, and dead.

Use a Dash Cam – No matter how safe of a driver you are, there’s going to be an unsafe driver out there.  A high-quality dash cam can capture the moments before a wreck and show your truck accident lawyer just what happened.

Why you Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

A holiday truck accident is complicated.  Was it the driver’s fault, the trucking company, the truck owner, or a mixture of a bunch of different parties?

When you have been injured, you should have one goal: to heal from those injuries.  Don’t spend your energy on pursuing a claim; leave that to the professional truck accident lawyers at Herbert Law Group.

We will handle the dirty work, so you can handle healing.  Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll reach out to you shortly.