May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

Motorcycle awareness Month

How to Care for Texas Motorists Regardless of Wheel Numbers

Warm weather means that there are more bikers on the road.  That’s why May, often considered to be the beginning of riding season, is deemed to be Motorcycle Awareness Month, or Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

It’s now that we pay extra attention to how we drive, who we share the road with, and understand the most dangerous parts of the drive for those on two wheels.

Texas Department of Transportation – Share the Road

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TxDOT has a motorcycle safety slogan – “Share the Road: Look Twice for Motorcycles.”  You may have heard other variations such as “Look Twice Save a Life” or “Share the Road – Drive Aware – Ride Aware”.  All are imparting the same information.

Motorcycles are hard to see.  So every motorist is encouraged to take extra precautions; especially during the warmer months where more riders on the road.

Difficulty seeing them, combined with complacency among many drivers, leads to thousands of crashes each year.  Many of those crashes cost the bikers their lives, or they sustain serious injuries that will forever change how they function and live.

Pay Special Attention at Intersections

Most motorcycle accidents take place at intersections.  When vehicles cross another lane of traffic, there’s always a risk.

That risk is compounded when drivers fail to see an oncoming motorcycle.

Motorcycle awareness is all about making sure that oncoming traffic lane is perfectly clear before you turn left.  Without looking twice, you may not notice the motorcycle, and accidentally turn in front of him or her.

Motorcycle Accidents Have a High Risk of Injury or Death

Because helmets aren’t always required here in Texas, the risk of serious head trauma is significantly heightened.

But head trauma isn’t the only injury a biker can sustain when in a wreck.  Broken bones, lacerations, and back and neck injuries can happen even at relatively slow rates of speed.  The human body, without proper safety gear, is no match for metal vehicles or asphalt pavement.

The risk of accident with serious injuries is only compounded in the mornings and evenings, when rush hour traffic causes more congestion, drivers that may be road raging, and people intent on getting home from work (or to work) as quickly as possible.

Contact Herbert Law Group after a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle awareness is important to reduce the number of motorcycle accidents on Texas roads.  However, the sad truth is that those numbers likely will never get to zero.

If you, or a loved one, have been involved in a motorcycle accident that caused serious injury or death, then it’s time to speak with the bike wreck experts over at Herbert Law Group.

With significant experience, Zach Herbert, Brandon Lavery, and Kaitlyn Moreno know what has happened, and what it will take to make sure that you’re fully compensated after the wreck.

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