The Top Causes of Motorcycle Wrecks

Top causes of motorcycle wrecks in Texas

Know the Dangers, and Avoid a Motorcycle Wreck

As spring picks up, and the weather gets nicer, more and more people will be out enjoying the open road on their motorcycles.

Since motorcycles are harder to see than a passenger vehicle or a truck (that’s why we recommend using hand signals and making sure your headlights are functioning properly) it’s important that we all do our part to avoid a collision with a motorcycle rider.

To avoid those collisions, we should know the top causes of motorcycle wrecks.

Left-Hand Turn Causes Motorcycle Wrecks

Nearly half of fatal motorcycle wrecks are when another motorist turns left in front of them.  That whole part about being harder to see is even more dangerous when other motorists simply don’t pay attention.

If you’re in a car: look three times before you turn.  If you’re on the motorcycle: assume that the turning driver isn’t going to see you and be prepared to take evasive action.

Road Hazards Cause Motorcycle Wrecks

There are a lot of things that a car can simply run over, that a motorcycle isn’t going to be able to overcome.  The shortlist of road hazards includes:

  • Sticks and leaves
  • Gravel
  • Edge breaks (where pavements meet and are differing heights)
  • Smooth surfaces (even painted lines count)
  • Puddles
  • Potholes

Experienced riders know these dangers and take action to avoid them.  But even the most experienced riders can miss the dangers on occasion.

Speeding, by any Motorist, Causes Motorcycle Wrecks

Speed kills.

Whether you’re on the bike or in the car, excessive speeding increases the chances of a fatal accident exponentially.  The rider usually fares worse than those in a vehicle simply because of the lack of a protective cage around him or her.

Slow it down, be aware, and don’t take stupid risks.

Lane Splitting Can Cause Motorcycle Wrecks

Lane splitting isn’t legal in Texas… but it’s not explicitly forbidden either.  Take a look at our previous blog about lane splitting for the details on that one.

Lane splitting certainly helps traffic to keep flowing, and frees up space when vehicles line up at intersections.  But there are dangers and risks to lane splitting, and the action has led to a number of motorcycle wrecks.

Impaired or Distracted Driving Causes Motorcycle Wrecks

Drunk driving deaths have decreased since the 1980’s.  But distracted driving deaths have increased now that most of us carry little computers around in our pockets.

Neither riders nor drivers have any excuses for driving impaired or distracted.  We’re in a world where calling for a ride home is a matter of a few clicks on the phone, and a rideshare driver will pick you up.

Unfortunately, distracted and drunk driving will likely continue as long as we have vehicles.

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