Secondary Injuries and Complications from a Semi Truck Accident

Secondary injuries after a truck wreck you need a texas truck wreck lawyer

Not All Complications Arise Immediately After a Wreck

Some injuries are easy to see after a wreck.  However, there are many secondary injuries and complications that can arise if you’ve been the victim of a semi-truck accident.  These injuries may show up right away, or they may not show up for years after the wreck occurs.

Let’s see what these injuries and complications look like, and why you need the Car Crash Captain to help you receive compensation that covers injuries now, and any that may come up in the future.

What are Secondary Injuries after a Wreck?

Primary injuries are those that happen during the wreck.  For example, you are rear-ended, and you suffer from whiplash.  The whiplash is a primary injury.

A secondary injury is something that will come up later in life.  It can be a direct result of the wreck, or it can be a result of a previous injury.  Secondary injuries aren’t always physical, but can be mental health issues that come from a prolonged physical recovery.

Some secondary injuries include:

Chronic Pain – Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal themselves.  However, scar tissue and incomplete healing can lead to chronic pain.  Sometimes this pain will last the rest of a victim’s life.

Mental Health – No matter how mentally tough you are, a semi-truck accident will take a toll on your mental health.  PTSD, emotional trauma, trouble sleeping, and more can arise well after the body has healed from physical injuries.

HeadachesTraumatic Brain Injuries rarely heal without ongoing complications.  Headaches, migraines, and other ongoing issues can pop up later in life.

Furthermore, a secondary injury could be one that is caused because of the primary injury.  For example, if the truck wreck caused you to lose a limb, and during the recovery period you fall and break your arm, the broken arm would be considered a secondary injury – if you had both legs, you wouldn’t have fallen.

Examples of Complications that Could Arise

We’ll differentiate the injuries from complications, because the complications aren’t exactly another injury that occurs, but rather issues and difficulties living life as you lived before the wreck.  They include:

Permanent Limp – Once the body has healed, muscles, ligaments, and bones might not be as they once were.  A permanent limp after a truck wreck will cause complications the rest of a victim’s life.

Breathing Issues – Spinal cord injuries can lead to breathing issues.  Struggling to breath may cause hypoxia (not getting enough oxygen) and reduce quality of life.

Difficulty Lifting – Even healed injuries may leave permanent reduced motor skills.  Victims that could once lift heavily without issues, now struggle with small objects.

Why You Need Herbert Law Group

Because secondary injuries and complications often don’t show up for months, or even years, after the wreck, insurance companies will hope you don’t take them into consideration when you’re negotiating a settlement.

This is why you need a semi-truck accident lawyer on your side.  Legal representation from Herbert Law Group means you have a powerful negotiator to help you receive the settlement you deserve – one that will completely cover the losses you have suffered.

Let’s find out what happened, and see how we can help.  Call our offices at 214-414-3808, or fill out our contact form and we’ll reach out to you for your free initial consultation.