Semi-Truck Accidents Should Decline with AI Advancements

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AI Advancements Improve Truck Driving

Artificial Intelligence is all the talk lately.  It seems that it was always just kind of there, but suddenly when Chat GPT launched, everything absolutely boomed.

This technology has been around for quite a while.  Only recently, however, has it really made its way into the mainstream.  A place where just about anyone with internet access can create AI generated art, write an AI generated story, and ideally create a better life for everyone.

So, how do AI Advancements help to reduce the number of Texas semi-truck accidents?  Let’s check in with the Car Crash Captain and see what’s going on.

There is a Lot of AI in our Driving Already

If you drive a newer vehicle, you have already used some of these AI advancements.  They make driving not only safe and easier, but more comfortable for those operating the vehicle.

What does AI consist of?  Generally, it’s the technology advancements in our vehicles.  It’s not true learning AI, that adjusts itself to your behavior, but rather AI that helps to modify your behavior in case something goes wrong.  For example:

  • Brake assist
  • Lane departure
  • Autonomous driving
  • Fatigue alerts

Some of these are mere bells or chimes that alert you, the driver, to take control and avoid a situation.  Others will take over control for you.  Some higher end, and newer, vehicles will learn your driving habits too, and be able to adjust to your preferences over time.

AI Advancements in the Trucking Industry

In the trucking industry, these AI advancements are already helping to save lives.  However, there are even more that can be implemented to reduce the number of wrecks.

For instance, AI can learn about variations in speed, lane departure, and more by analyzing data between the last stops, instances of variations, and driver fatigue.  These can be used to customize when, how long, and how often a driver should take a break.

AI can monitor maintenance of the big rig as well.  Analyzing tire pressure, fuel levels, engine performance, and more will allow the computers to make on-the-fly changes that can prevent a wreck before something goes wrong.

Driver facing cameras can learn the signs of fatigue in a truck driver.  As the driver becomes drowsy, a system of alerts can ensure that he or she is able to pull over and take a break before they get too tired.

Over time, other cameras will be able to scan the road for hazards, and take preventative action before the driver even sees what’s going on.  These computers can then communicate to other vehicles, to let them know what is to be expected down the road.

There is far more coming down the line, especially as autonomous trucks become more prevalent on our roadways.  But the bottom line and ultimate goal is to continue to make the roadways safer for everyone, while keeping the economy moving forward with efficient transportation.

Come to Herbert Law Group after a Truck Wreck

No matter how much technology there is in a truck, something will still go wrong.  Despite the AI advancements that will help to reduce the number of wrecks, there will likely never be a time where there are absolutely no truck wrecks.

That is why Herbert Law Group is dedicated to ensuring that victims are taken care of after an accident.

If you were injured in Texas truck wreck, or a loved on died as a result of one of these wrecks, it’s important that we make sure you’re receiving the compensation that you deserve.  Let’s chat about what happened, and determine how we can help.

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