The 6 Hidden Costs of a Car Wreck

hidden costs of texas car wreck

How to Avoid Financial Loss after a Car Wreck

A new car, anymore, can run you $30,000 and up.  It’s not a purchase that many people can enter into without some planning, finding a lender, and then shopping for the best deal around.  It’s pretty easy to see that a car wreck that destroys a new, or even new-ish, vehicle can be expensive.  But have you considered the hidden costs of a car wreck?

There’s a whole lot more than meets the eye when you’re involved in a car crash.  If you were the victim, and you sustained injuries, those hidden costs increase dramatically.  Let’s take a look at what the Car Crash Captain has to say about the hidden costs of a car wreck.

Understanding What Hidden Costs Actually Are

Hidden costs are those that we tend to overlook at first.  The fact that it will cost $30,000 to replace your vehicle isn’t exactly hidden, because we know how much a replacement vehicle costs.  The hidden costs are those that insurance companies hope you overlook, so that you accept a settlement offer that is lower and they don’t have to pay out as much.

Costs of Filing New Paperwork

Have you bought a vehicle from the dealer, and when you sat down to sign all the paperwork, they hit you with a line like this, “This price does not include the mandatory, and un-waivable, dealership paperwork fee of $550…”?  It’s a sneaky way to grab a little extra cash right at the end, and most people don’t account for it when determining how much it will cost to replace a wrecked car.

Add on the costs of going down to the motor vehicle department, registering, titling, and everything else that it takes to get a vehicle transferred to your name, and those hidden costs can soar into the thousands of dollars.

Costs of Going to Court

Many car accident cases are settled out of court.  But there are those that end up going to court where you will have to be present if you want the full settlement.

How much will that cost in missed work, childcare, and not to mention the emotional toll?  Even if you were merely a witness to someone else’s wreck, you could be called in and incur costs.

Costs of Replacing Broken or Lost Items

Most broken or missing items can be replaced.  If you were driving around with a car full of crystal vases, all of which shattered in the crash, those can be accounted for.

Now consider if they were antique and irreplaceable vases.  Or maybe it was family photos from 100 years ago, and the vehicle caught fire.  Or perhaps your pet was with you and they didn’t survive the wreck.  What is the cost to “replace” those items?

Costs of Rehabilitation

The human body has an amazing ability to regenerate and heal itself.  Imagine if your vehicle was wrapped in a surface that when scratched it scabbed over and repaired itself the same way our skin does?

Minor injuries, like scrapes, don’t require a lot of attention.  But major ones can take years of physical therapy and rehab to restore motor functions of everyday life.  How much time will it take to get there?  Will the insurance company be generous, or try to negate the PT that it’s going to take?

Costs of Mental Healthcare

You don’t have to go to war to suffer from PTSD.  Any traumatic experience can come back and cause mental health issues; even long after that event has passed.

Other mental healthcare necessary after a major car wreck can include anxiety when driving, depression, and more.  These effects can carry into other areas of life if they’re not addressed.

Costs of Unfulfilled Goals and Dreams

Take the life of an avid outdoors man or woman.  They run, hike, climb mountains, paraglide through wild and exotic locations.  Suppose a dream is to summit every state high point in the next few years.  And then they’re paralyzed in a wreck.

What is the cost of those dreams and goals that can never be attained now?  How can those be accounted for?

Herbert Law Group Helps Reduce the Burden of a Car Wreck

After a major car wreck, the hidden costs are always going to be there.  Many people feel that finding a car wreck lawyer will delay their settlement, or even diminish the amount they receive.

A great attorney, like Herbert Law Group serving the as car wreck lawyers for the Dallas area, understands all the costs, what it will take to recover, and how to argue for you so that you can focus on healing.

Let’s chat about what happened and see how the Car Crash Captain can help.  Call the office at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll be in touch for your free initial consultation.