The Benefits of Motorcycle Advocacy Groups

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Keeping Streets Safer for Those on Two Wheels

Motorcycle riders take more risks than other motorists.  This isn’t a new issue, and it has nothing to do with riding ability or the mistaken notion that bikers are out there speeding and otherwise doing stupid stuff on their motorcycles.  There are a handful of people who do that, but the vast majority of riders are safe as they cruise along our shared streets.

The risks arise when streets aren’t exactly motorcycle friendly.  A lone biker here and there can raise a fuss, but often not much is done about it.  But when motorcycle advocacy groups form, that is when changes happen.  Let’s check in with the Car Crash Captain and see what’s going on.

What is a Motorcycle Advocacy Group?

Most laws that are passed consider those riding on two wheels as well as four.  But some of them don’t.

Most streets were designed to be safe for those on motorcycles as wells as cars.  But some of them weren’t.

Most highways are safe for riders as well as trucks and passenger vehicles.  But some aren’t.

It’s when these areas that are not motorcycle friendly remain motorcycle unfriendly when issues happen.  Motorcyclists have the same rights and responsibilities of everyone else using the roads.  But without someone that will enact change to ensure those rights are upheld, that’s when problems arise.

These advocacy groups are designed to ensure that motorcyclist rights are upheld in the same way other motorists’ rights are upheld.  This can mean lobbying to ensure laws are passed that keep our two-wheeled travelers safe, and they can be designed to help influence public opinion.

How do Motorcycle Advocacy Groups Function?

These groups use the power of multiple people to enact change.  Consider how a single call or letter might fall on deaf ears to a politician.  However, if that politician receives thousands of calls or letters, they now see this as an important issue.

Beyond that, it takes a lot of money to even get the word out.  Websites and marketing campaigns can be expensive.  Printed materials don’t come cheap.  Pooling resources means the motorcycle advocacy group has the ability to do what they need to do.

That can mean pushing lawmakers to do the right thing and enact laws, or modify roadways, to keep motorcyclists safe.

It can also mean starting public awareness campaigns.  You have probably heard of the “Look Twice, Save a Life” campaign.  This is a public awareness campaign started years ago to help those who don’t ride realize that motorcycles are harder to see than other vehicles.

It’s easy to come up with a slogan, but it’s not as easy to spread that slogan far and wide enough to take effect.

Where Can I Find a Group of Like-Minded Riders?

There are plenty of nation-wide resources available for those who love to ride.  Some, such as the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, is all about helping you become a better – and safer – rider.  Others are more localized and dedicated to enacting change in your community.

You can start with a quick internet search.  If there’s nothing online that you can easily locate, then head over to your favorite stores.  Motorcycle dealerships, parts stores, and accessories stores are generally all plugged in to the latest groups.  They can help you locate one that fits your style.

What if I’m in a Motorcycle Wreck?

Regardless of how much work these groups do, there will always be negligence out there.  If you, or a loved one, were injured or killed because another motorist was negligent, we can help.

There’s no reason for you to waste your energy on battling insurance companies and difficult legal situations.  Instead, you spend that energy healing and keeping your life moving forward, we’ll handle the hard stuff.

It starts with a call.  Let’s find out what happened, and see how we can help.  Don’t worry, there’s no obligation for this get-to-know-you call.  Just dial 214-414-3808, or fill out our contact form and we’ll reach out to you.