The Top 5 Types of Texas Truck Accidents

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Texas has a lot of Truck Accidents; Here’s What Causes Them

Texas has a lot of people, a lot of manufacturing, and a lot of trucks on our highways.  We’ve talked about how Texas has proportionally more fatal truck accidents than the rest of the country.

But have you wondered what those Texas truck accidents consist of?  Even with more trucks on the road than other states, our infrastructure should be able to handle them.

There are still a lot of wrecks, here’s what happens in those wrecks.

Five Causes of Texas Truck Accidents

The causes of the wrecks are often due to driver error.  Of course, if you have read many of our posts on Texas truck accidents, you know it’s not always quite as straightforward as blaming the driver.

Regardless of why the accident happens, here is what happens in the wreck.

Blindspot Collision – We all have that one weird spot that’s called our blindspot.  It’s kind of behind and to the side of us.  With a big truck, that blindspot is even bigger; even with extra mirrors.  If the driver isn’t paying attention, merging lanes without checking the blindspot can lead to a collision.

Jackknife – Even after driving a lot of miles on highways around the country, I have only seen one truck that has jackknifed.  When the brakes on the cab lock up sooner, or harder, than the brakes on the trailer, it causes a jackknife accident.  The semi is virtually uncontrollable at this point and can lead to further collisions.

Truck Underride – Underride collisions are some of the most deadly Texas truck accidents.  When a smaller vehicle collides with the side of the semi, or rear ends the trailer, the smaller vehicle can go under the trailer.  We talked about truck underride collisions before, and some of the technology used to prevent them.

Rollover or Tip Over – To call it a rollover accident really wouldn’t be accurate; most big rigs aren’t going to fully roll over.  Instead, they’ll tip on their side.  It’s usually due to taking a turn too fast, or failure to navigate a high wind area properly.

Rear-End Collision – Trucks are big and heavy, they take a long time to stop.  When a driver follows too closely, they cannot stop in time if the vehicles in front of them suddenly slow.  This isn’t justification for brake checking, but when vehicles legit have to stop suddenly, it can be deadly if a driver is following too close.

Herbert Law Group Helps with Texas Truck Accidents

Accidents with passenger vehicles can be a pain to deal with.  Accidents with commercial vehicles have a whole lot more going on.  There often isn’t a straightforward answer to “who was at fault?”

If you get in a wreck with a big rig, there’s a good chance you will be severely injured.  Don’t spend your time trying to recuperate from your injuries and trying to deal with insurance and trucking companies!

Let Herbert Law Group help with your Texas truck accident.  We have dealt with hundreds of claims before, and know just what to look for.

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