What if a Blown Truck Tire Causes my Wreck?

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How do You Deal with a Truck Blowout?

Most highways are kept pretty clean.  After a wreck, debris is cleaned up quickly.  After a spill, crews get the roads cleared.  After a blown truck tire from a semi, the bits of rubber are at least moved to the side.

If you have been unlucky enough to see a truck blow a tire (a short YouTube vid is included below to show what happens), you know that it’s fast and can potentially cause a wreck.  If you have been unlucky enough to be hit by debris which in turn caused you to crash your vehicle, then keep reading as the Car Crash Captain describes what goes into the process of being compensated for the damages done to your property and your injuries.

Immediately Following the Accident

Right away, follow the same procedures you would after any other accident – whether with a big rig or a passenger vehicle.

  • Safely Pull Over
  • Place an Emergency Call
  • Exchange Information with Truck Driver
  • Take Pictures of the Incident

Depending on the severity of the crash, all of this might not be feasible.  If you’re pinned in the vehicle, or have extreme injuries, your primary concern needs to be to get help.  Ideally, witnesses will aid you in this situation.  Because pictures might not be available, it’s always recommended you travel with a dashcam to capture video footage of the incident.

Contact Insurance and File a Police Report

Filing a police report will create an official document that can be referenced when your truck accident lawyer seeks compensation for your wreck.  In many situations, you are legally obligated to file a police report; here in Texas, police reports are mandatory if there are injuries, fatalities, or damage exceeds $1,000 (anymore that’s not a lot of damage).

Contacting your insurance company, you let them know what happened, but also direct them to Herbert Law Group if they have further questions.  In most situations, the trucking company’s insurance (or the driver’s insurance) will be responsible.

Let Your Truck Accident Lawyer Get the Details

There is a lot that goes into these trucking accidents.  It’s not always as straightforward as you may think.  Your attorney at Herbert Law Group will start to reconstruct the scene.  Determining why the tire blew, who is responsible, and what compensation you deserve based on what is determined.

Even with all of that, there may be more than one liable party.  It could be one, or more, of the following… or even another third party:

  • The driver
  • The trucking company
  • The tire manufacturer
  • The tire shop
  • The maintenance department

Only after your truck accident lawyer determines what exactly happened, then the focus can turn toward who is liable for the blown truck tire, and ultimately responsible to make things right.

Heal from Your Injuries

Finally, while all this is going on, you have two responsibilities.

One – Only talk with your truck accident lawyer.  Talking with anyone else could end up with your words being twisted and misconstrued, and your claim devalued.

Two – Heal from your injuries.  With everything else taken care of, you get to focus on getting better.

Herbert Law Group Helps with Texas Truck Accidents

Whether you’re in a wreck because a blown truck tire causes the accident, or any other form of truck driver negligence, Herbert Law Group is here to help.

To know how we can help, we have to first know what happened.  Let’s get to know each other, find out what happened, and go from there.  It’s a simple (free) phone call to 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll be in touch.

PS: Here’s that video we promised in the intro… it’s not ours, just one that was uploaded to YouTube.