What if I Verbally Accept a Settlement Offer?

settlement offer for a texas car crash

Do I have to Honor the Verbally Accepted Offer?

After a car accident, the insurance company will call to discuss the details of what happened.  Their goal is to quickly settle the claim so they can clear it off their books with as little cash outlay as possible.  When the wreck is fresh, they expect that you won’t realize the full extent of your injuries, and they can get away with paying less than what is fully required to compensate you for your injuries.

The Car Crash Captain is here to help you full recover what you need.  A verbal acceptance can damage the final outcome of your settlement, so pay attention to what you say on the phone; especially when the line is recorded.

Is a Verbal Acceptance a Binding Acceptance?

In most cases a verbal acceptance isn’t a complete acceptance of the offer.  However, there are a lot of variables that go into the assessment.

When you verbally accept an offer, it is most likely on a recorded line (the company will tell you they are recording the conversation at the beginning).  If the verbal offer uses the same wording and structure as the official written offer that you sign, then it will be harder to re-open negotiations after the fact.

You still have options, and using a personal injury lawyer to help is essential.

However, if the offer is disguised, and hidden among other language, you have many more options.  It can be argued that your acceptance wasn’t for the settlement, but rather acceptance of something else that was told to you during the phone conversation.

Can I take back my Acceptance of the Initial Settlement Offer?

Suppose you do accept an offer, but then when you receive the paperwork (or the official documents online where you would e-sign them) you realize that the settlement offer isn’t going to fully compensate you for your losses, can you back out?

Usually you can back out of a verbal agreement.  But again, if the wording was very close to the final offer, it’s going to be harder.

A car wreck lawyer will help you receive the right amount of compensation, even after you have initially accepted an offer.  In the world of personal injury, there is a lot of wiggle room.  Knowing what to pursue and how to pursue it, however, comes with experience in these matters.  The attorneys at Herbert Law Group have that experience.

How will a Car Wreck Lawyer Help with my Settlement?

When you are injured, you have a lot going on.  Most people focus on recovering from their injury, missing work, and how they are going to replace the vehicle that was destroyed in the wreck.

What most people aren’t focused on, however, is the bigger picture.

They don’t realize that therapy might be necessary to mentally recover from the wreck.  They don’t realize that the recovery can take months, or even years, before their body is “back to normal.”  They don’t realize that they may never get back to normal.  Instead modifying how they live will become their new normal; a lifestyle that may need special equipment and ongoing medical care for the rest of their life.

Those are all concepts that you don’t want to have to deal with when you’re recovering.  They all add stress, which studies show slow down the physical healing process.

Instead, a car wreck lawyer will take all of that stress from you, so you know you’re getting the maximum settlement possible; even if you have made a verbal acceptance to an initial low-ball offer.

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