Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Texas

Motorcycle accident lawyer in Texas

A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Texas Reduces Your Stress

Anyone who rides can give you the reason why they ride.  There’s just something about cruising on two wheels that’s freeing.  But the sad reality is that 15% of fatal accidents (562 in 2022) on Texas roadways happen to motorcyclists.  Thousands are seriously injured in crashes, and need a motorcycle accident lawyer in Texas to help navigate tricky legal waters.

Let’s check in with the Car Crash Captain to see what can be done to avoid an accident in the first place, mitigate injuries, or – if something terrible happens – recover financially and physically.

How to Reduce the Possibility of being Injured

We know that the best way to prevent an injury or fatality is to wear a DOT approved helmet.  All the science shows that safety gear, especially a helmet, saves lives.  So, that’s all we will say on that!

But how are your riding skills?

Whether you have been riding for 14 days or 14 years, it’s always important to keep brushing up on your skills.  You can take private classes, online classes, or group training courses.  No matter where your skill level is, you can always get better.

Naturally, staying current on maintenance is a must.  Knowing the upcoming weather changes is essential.  And, of course, stay sober and distraction free.

How to Speed up Recovery after an Injury

Suppose you have been injured in a motorcycle accident.  Suppose you want to recover and get back on the bike.  Let’s see how you can speed up your recovery.

First, seek medical attention right away, and follow the doctor’s orders.  If the doctor says to stay off the bike for 8 weeks, and you feel fine after 6 weeks… stay off the bike for another two weeks.

Work your physical therapy.  It’s going to be hard.  You’re going to hate it.  Life will be miserable.  But if you work the PT hard, life will be miserable for less time than if you skimp and avoid doing what needs to be done.

Finally, reduce your stress.  Studies show that stress causes the body to heal more slowly.  Do everything you can to eliminate the stress in your life, so that your body doesn’t spend energy unnecessarily on things that don’t allow you to heal.

Why You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Texas

Want to know a great way to reduce stress after a major motorcycle wreck?  It’s to have some help with navigating the legal and insurance complications that arise.

Take all that stress that would well up within you from endless phone calls, low-ball settlement offers, victim blaming, and more, and dump that onto a motorcycle accident lawyer.

The initial settlement offer from the insurance company is going to be the lowest amount they legally can get away with.  It’s almost never going to be adequate to meet your needs.  Do you know how to make a case for a larger settlement?

The at-fault driver may try to shift the blame to you.  Now, in your weakened condition, you have to figure out how to prove that you’re the victim.  Do you know how to preserve the evidence and show that you’re not at fault?

Legal complexities may arise, and if a settlement isn’t agreed upon, things could end up in court.  Are you able to represent yourself and show that you deserve a larger settlement than what is being offered?

Herbert Law Group is on Your Side

Let’s face it, the legal complexities after a wreck can be confusing.  The insurance companies have lawyers on staff that spend their entire careers figuring out ways to reduce how much money is paid out to victims.

You need someone on your side; you need Herbert Law Group.

Let us do the dirty work, so you can heal.  To get things started, we need to have a phone call that gets to know you; one where we learn what happened and determine how we can help.  Call us at 214-414-3808, or fill out the contact form on our site and we’ll get in touch with you.