5 Areas to Exercise Caution when on a Motorcycle

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Motorcycle Wrecks are Most Common in these Circumstances

Whether you ride because you love the freedom, the sound of the bike, or the ease of transportation, motorcycle riders all have one thing in common: motorcycle wrecks happen because they might as well be invisible to other motorists.

Despite campaigns, grim tales, and pleas from the biking community, those with four wheels are just less likely to watch for those with two wheels.  That means when you get on your motorcycle, it’s important to pay extra attention.

The Car Crash Captain lines up 5 areas where anyone riding should pay extra attention to avoid a wreck.

Motorcycle Wrecks Cause Thousands of Deaths Every Year

In 2020 there were over 5,500 motorcycle fatalities representing 14% of all traffic fatalities.  There are many factors that led to this high number (the highest total number since 1975, when data was first tracked).  Regardless, it’s imperative for bikers to be on alert.

Head On Collisions

74% of motorcycle vs car crashes were head on collisions.

Since a motorcycle is harder to see, a passenger vehicle may fail to pay enough attention when passing another vehicle.  The oncoming traffic lane looks clear, but a biker is coming.

Along those same lines, winding rural roads and construction zones may cause a four-wheeled vehicle to cross the center line to straighten their travel or give wider clearance for construction debris.

On two-lane roads, be vigilant to watch for motorists who may cross the center line.

Road Hazards

Road hazards include anything that’s in the road that shouldn’t be there.

That means everything from potholes, to wet pavement, to animals can be a road hazard and ultimately lead to two wheels giving way, where four wouldn’t have a problem.

When riding, stay back far enough to avoid debris.  Often a car can pass right over it, but a motorcyclist would need to swerve.

Left-Hand Turns

Similar to the head on collision, the left-hand turn deals with motorists not paying enough attention.

Left-hand turns cross the oncoming lane of traffic.  There might appear to be a break in traffic, so the passenger car makes their turn.  But if they didn’t take the time to really look, they miss the motorcycle coming their way.

Stationary Objects

A significant number of motorcycle fatalities occur when a rider hits a stationary object.

Often this is due to the motorcycle going at excessive speeds, but it does occur when another motorist changes lanes and forces them off the road.

Stationary objects include guard rails, trees, fire hydrants and more.  When riding next to another vehicle, be aware if they look as though they will change lanes, and always give yourself an out.

Distracted Driving and Driving Under the Influence

While drunk driving instances have diminished over the years, there are still a lot of deaths from those driving impaired.  In fact, Bankrate tells us that someone in the US dies from a drunk driving accident every 52 minutes.

If you’re riding, you know not to be distracted or drunk.  But what about other drivers?

Pay attention to how they are acting, if they seem impaired or distracted, keep far away from them and call them in to law enforcement if possible.  Your call may save a life.

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Motorcycle wrecks almost always end in injury or death.

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