6 Strange Factors that Cause Motorcycle Wrecks

Strange factors motorcycle wrecks in texas

Motorcycle Riders Have to be Extra Cautious

We know that riding a motorcycle carries more risk than driving in other motor vehicles.  And it’s pretty clear that being extra diligent, and riding as though you’re invisible are the best ways to avoid wrecks, it’s also important to know that there are some strange factors that can lead to a motorcycle wreck.  Often, these aren’t even concerns for other motorists, but those on two wheels need to pay attention.

Let’s check in with the Car Crash Captain and discover the top 6 strange factors that can lead to a Texas motorcycle wreck.

Strange Factors that Cause Bike Wrecks

Before we get into this, we have to remember that these are the rare causes; the strange factors.  Still, the number one cause of motorcycle wrecks is inattentive drivers (usually turning left in front of a motorcycle they “didn’t see”).

Unsecured Loads from Other Vehicles

When we think of unsecured loads, our minds will generally go big.  Remember on the movie Final Destination when the logs come tumbling out of the logging truck?

In reality, unsecured cargo is more likely to fly out of the back of a pickup truck.  Often, it’s when someone is moving across town and they pile as much into the back as possible, throw a small little bungee cord on it, and call it good.  But even more likely is trash that’s in the back of a truck blowing out and causing a biker behind them to lose control.

Grass Clippings or Leaves on the Roadway

When you’re cruising in your car, you probably don’t think twice about some grass clippings that a mower has thrown into the street.  In the fall, if there’s a little pile of leaves, no big deal.

On two wheels, however, those become huge deals.  Grass clippings and leaves are slick – almost to the point of being as slick as hitting a patch of ice.  It only takes a split second to lose control.  While an experienced rider may be able to quickly avoid the situation, if they’re on a busy road avoiding the grass may lead to colliding with a vehicle.

Animal Carcasses from other Wrecks

Animal strikes are rare, but what’s even weirder is hitting an animal that has already been hit.  A living animal can at least get out of the way on its own, and while it’s up and about it’s a little easier to see.

However, when the animal has already been killed, its lower profile means it’s harder to see.  Similar to hitting those grass clippings or leaves, hitting a dead animal can cause wheels to break free from their traction, and the rider can lose control.

Speeds of Greater than 30 Miles Per Hour

Interestingly enough, most bike wrecks don’t happen at high speeds.  It’s true that higher speeds lead to a greater risk of a fatal accident, but that doesn’t mean fast equals crash.

In fact, a study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that the majority of motorcycle wrecks happen at 29.8 miles per hour.  Meaning that speed to be the cause of the wreck is actually quite rare.

Of course, high speed wrecks are what make the news and usually result in loss of life – which is why they seem to be much more of a problem.

Road Striping

We usually see the lines on the road as there for our safety.  They help us know which lane is which, if we have to turn or go straight, or give us a marking before which we are supposed to stop.

Those same lines, however, can become incredibly slick if they’re wet, or if the weather gets really hot.  In a car, it’s no big deal if one wheel slips a little bit on a slick bit of road striping.  In a motorcycle one wheel slipping can mean the rider loses control of the entire bike.

Herbert Law Group Works with Motorcycle Accident Victims

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