Be Safe this Holiday Travel Season

Holiday Travel Tips Texas Car Wreck Lawyer

Dallas Car Wreck Lawyer has Your Holiday Travel Tips

Every year millions of people hit the road to travel for the holidays.  50 million people will hop in their cars and drive to their destination; about double that will travel for Christmas and New Year’s Day.  That means you’re more likely to encounter traffic if you’re on the road for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The Car Crash Captain wants to make sure you arrive safely.  So we’ve rounded up some of the best travel tips so you make the journey… and then wonder why you stressed so much about spending time with family that is just driving you bonkers!

Holiday Travel Tips for Thanksgiving and Christmas

No matter which holiday you’re hitting the road for, keep these ideas in mind so you aren’t caught in a bad situation.

Check Your Spare Tire

Newer vehicles are equipped with a TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System.  There’s one in each of your tires, including the spare.  If your spare is low on air, you’ll get a dashboard alert.  For those with older vehicles, those built before 2007, you won’t have these equipped.  Before you hit the road, make sure your spare is in good working condition.  No sense pulling a flat tire off only to find the spare is also flat!

Stay Healthy During Holiday Travel

Long road trips can become a time of indulgence.  A quick energy drink at the gas station, some fast food, and you’re back on the road.  Combine that with the fact you’re probably going somewhere for a big turkey feast, and away from your regular gym, means that your health can take a nosedive.  Be mindful about what you eat, don’t blow a year of great habits on a long weekend of indulgence.  Water is your friend, it’s hard to fall asleep at the wheel when you really have to pee.

Turn on your Phone’s Passcode

When you’re in your element, you might not need a passcode or as much security on your phone.  When you’re in a new area, thieves and others who are up to no good could be lurking.  Make sure your phone has the “find my phone” feature turned on (and you know how to use it).  Check out these tips from Homeland Security on how to keep your tech safe.

Make Sure Your Vehicle is Ready

Before you hop in the car and take off, have you checked if it’s ready?  We wrote about this before, giving tips on how to make sure the vehicle itself is ready, make sure you have the right supplies, and making sure that you’re ready.  Check out that article before you hit the open road.

Peace While Driving

Millions of people will be on the road with you.  Millions of potential road-ragers.  We are all in a hurry, we all hate the traffic, and we all despise that guy that cut us off.  Be mindful of your rage.  Give a few extra seconds of grace.  Exercise peace so nobody is hurt out of rash decisions.

Talk to Herbert Law Group if You’re in a Wreck

Getting in a wreck sucks.  Getting in a wreck while you’re on vacation extra sucks.  If you’re injured in a crash while doing some holiday travel in Texas, you need an expert car crash lawyer to help you navigate the legal and insurance waters.

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