How Truck Equipment Failures Lead to Semi Accidents

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The Most Common Failures in a Semi Accident

There are many semi accidents that are caused by human error: speeding, blowing a stop sign, or driving under the influence.  But just as many are caused by something that nobody can see until an investigation takes place.  Equipment failure happens a lot, and much of it can be prevented with regular maintenance.

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Common Equipment Failures that Lead to Semi Accidents

Any equipment can fail.  Here are the top equipment failures that can lead to an accident.

Engine Failure – A truck goes through a lot in any given year.  While most passenger vehicles run for about 15,000 miles every year, a semi goes around 100,000 miles.  All that wear and tear means maintenance and inspections need to be done almost 10 times as often.  When it’s not completed, it can lead to catastrophic failure at high speeds.

Trailer Failure – There are two things that fail on the trailer.  The cargo can shift if it hasn’t been loaded and secured properly.  Or the trailer hitch can fail.  If not securely connected to the cab of the semi, thousands of pounds of trailer can be sent down the highway with no way to control it.

Brake Failure – Hauling 80,000 pounds means that trucks need some high quality brakes to ensure they can stop on time.  There are plenty of issues that can go wrong in the braking components, and that can leave the truck driver without a way to stop.

Tire Failure – You have probably seen the bits of shredded tire on the side of the highway.  Thousands of miles and heavy loads wear them out quickly.  When one of the tires blows, the truck driver has to be able to maintain control until it can be fixed.

Electrical Component Failure – Modern semi trucks include a lot of electrical and technological components.  Electrical system failures can result in the inability to control the vehicle and may lead to a semi accident.

When a semi truck crashes, the injured party is most often in a smaller passenger vehicle nearby.  The size discrepancy means that crashes are more likely to be severe than minor.

Dallas Semi Accident Attorneys Fight for You

If you, or a loved one, have been in a semi accident, you will need a semi accident attorney to help get everything sorted out.  Until the truck accident is reconstructed it may not be completely clear what even happened.

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