Inspirational Stories of Semi-Truck Accident Survivors

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Many Semi-Truck Accidents End Better Than Expected

When a semi-truck and a vehicle collide, the smaller vehicle bears the brunt of the damage.  When the average passenger vehicle weighs in at 4,000 pounds, and the semi weighs in at 80,000 pounds (20 times larger), the impact can demolish the lighter rig.  Semi-truck accident survivors tend to be the exception after these wrecks.

The Car Crash Captain looks at three survivors, what happened, and if anything could have been done to avoid the accident.

Amy Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury

Partway through her first semester in college, Amy had a bright future ahead of her.  During a long weekend, she headed home to spend time with her family.  As she signaled left and waited for oncoming traffic to clear, a semi-truck driver coming behind her didn’t notice her in time.  Despite trying to brake, he slammed into the rear of her vehicle, jostling Amy around inside.  The impact was intense, and Amy struck her head on the frame of the car, but didn’t seem to suffer any other major injuries.

Over the next few days major changes in Amy’s behavior were apparent.  Forgetfulness, fatigue, and irritability popped up; traits not common in the bubbly, intelligent, and friendly college student.

Despite doctors saying all was fine, her parents insisted on further testing.  It was discovered that she suffered from traumatic brain injury – a hidden injury that can often go undiagnosed.

Amy was forced to drop out of college for the remainder of her freshman year as she focused on her health.  Despite the set-back, she was able to recover, and then return to school.  Without treatment, she may not have survived.

Benji Gets Trapped Under a Logging Truck

Benji, a professional chef, was driving in Western Washington on a rainy afternoon.  The highway he was on had the right-of-way, with side streets entering required to stop at posted stop signs.

A logging truck was coming onto the highway.  The driver stopped, then proceeded to make a left-hand turn in front of Benji’s vehicle.  The truck driver stopped in the highway, and despite trying to avoid the collision Benji’s vehicle struck the trailer and slid beneath a loaded logging truck.

The roof collapsed and Benji was stuck.  His survival appeared to be a miracle, but his injuries were severe.  Multiple jaw fractures, broken teeth, and a neck fracture meant he was in for a long and painful recovery – one that could end up setting back his career as a chef.  Without a fully functioning jaw, he wouldn’t be able to work.

He had to take a six-month hiatus from his job.  After two full years, Benji’s health had almost returned to normal, but he was still recovering.

Kaleb is Crushed Between Two Semis

Before dawn, Kaleb was driving down a h6ighway he had traveled many times before.  Today, however, the fog was thick and unknown to him there was black ice on the road ahead.

When the semi-truck ahead of him began to lose control, Kaleb tapped the brakes and felt his pickup begin to lose control as well.  Even at the low speeds of 30 miles per hour, he couldn’t maintain control and aimed the front of his pickup for the back end of the semi ahead of him.

With little time to even collect his thoughts, Kaleb looked behind him and saw the headlights of another semi-truck barreling at him.  He braced for impact and his pickup crumpled around him, trapping him between two massive vehicles.

Somehow, he was enveloped in his own vehicle, virtually unscathed by physical injuries.  He was able to twist and wiggle himself free, climb through a hole in the now annihilated pickup, and make his way to safety.  Check out the news story on CNN for an incredible photo of Kaleb, stuck in his truck, yet alive.

Herbert Law Group Helps You Find Justice

All three of these stories have a common theme: semi-truck accident survivors do exist.  However, surviving doesn’t mean there aren’t injuries.  Often, survivors have severe injuries that can take months, even years, to recover from.

Without proper guidance from a personal injury lawyer that specializes in semi-truck accidents, would you receive the compensation that you need to fully recover from those injuries?  Would your settlement help you recover from injuries to your mental health as well?

That’s why Herbert Law Group is here.  We know what it takes, we understand the recovery process, and we are ready to fight for the compensation you need.

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