The Most Overlooked aspects of a Texas Motorcycle Wreck

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4 Things Victims of Motorcycle Wrecks Should Know

When you have been in a Texas motorcycle wreck, it’s going to be hard to remember what needs to be done to ensure you receive justice and fair compensation for your injuries.  That’s why we encourage people to prep ahead of time, and know what needs to be done if an accident happens.  You can even put the Car Crash Captain in your phone so you’re not left looking for the number.

Today, let’s take a look at a few overlooked aspects of a Texas motorcycle wreck.  What do you need to know, and what should you do now to ensure your claim goes off smoothly if you do get in a wreck?

Establish Now so it’s Easy to Prove Later

Some items you can’t worry about until after a wreck.  But there is almost always something that can be done now to ensure your claim is easier to prove if you have to justify yourself to the insurance company.

Make Video Evidence Easier

We are in the world of video surveillance.  Sort of a 1984 scenario, but much of the surveillance is civilian controlled – not government controlled.  If you ride regularly, make sure that it’s easy to see and know what happened leading up to a wreck.

Helmet cameras, and even bike mounted cameras, are no longer out-of-reach for most people.  For just a couple hundred dollars you can outfit your rig with multiple cameras that will record everything leading up to the wreck.  Video evidence is hard to ignore when fighting for justice.

Set the Stage for a Diminished Quality of Life

It may seem a bit morbid to be talking about everything you’ll lose if you’re injured in a Texas motorcycle wreck.  But to ensure you receive compensation for your loss, you have to show that you’ve had that loss.

What do you love to do?  Are you big into sports, camping, hunting, or other activities that require full use of your body?  Would you be able to keep doing those activities if you were severely injured?  Documenting your lifestyle now will allow you to prove that your lifestyle isn’t possible after a wreck.  Then, it’s easier to argue for a higher settlement to compensate you for your interrupted life.

Future Damages and Losses Start Now

A similar aspect to that loss of lifestyle, is the idea of future damages and losses.  While the previous can fall under the “pain and suffering” category, this one falls under what is called “loss of future earnings” and more.

Loss of future earnings isn’t just the income that you miss out on because you can no longer work.  It’s the potential income that you may have had access too, but now it’s not a possibility due to severe restrictions caused by the injuries you sustained in the accident.  It’s not about missing out on your existing paycheck; it’s missing the paycheck that could have been had you been able to be promoted.  Similarly, future damages are rehab and medical expenses that may not show up for 20 years – but are a direct result to the injury sustained in the present.

Medical and Ongoing Treatment Documentation

Medical documentation is essential to showing that you have been injured.  Even before you’re injured, a clean medical record can show that you were in top shape before the wreck, and it will help to provide a clearer picture that now, your body has been harmed significantly.

Just as that change is necessary, ongoing medical documentation is as well.  After the wreck, keeping great records (both on your own, and the records the hospital will keep because you don’t blow off appointments) helps to show that you’re taking this seriously, and you aren’t going to just let bad things happen to you.

Herbert Law Group Knows Texas Motorcycle Wrecks

When you’re prepared for the worst, and have set the stage for recovery, it is much easier to attain.  If you haven’t put in a little work on the front end, after a wreck there will be much more work to prove that you’re a victim entitled to significant compensation.

Have you been involved in a Texas motorcycle wreck?  Then you need a great attorney on your side to show the extent of your injuries and how long it will take to heal.  Let’s talk about what happened so we can fully understand you, your wreck, and how we are able to help.

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