When Insurance Companies aren’t Completely Honest

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Insurance Companies sometimes Twist Facts to Avoid Settlements

We all have auto insurance to protect us in case we’re involved in an accident.  You expect to be indemnified, a word here which means “made whole”, in the event of a wreck.  Of course there are deductibles and all those things to prevent you from abusing the policy and cashing in every time your car gets an itty bitty ding in it.

But when you really need the insurance the most, there are times when they might twist the truth to avoid paying a settlement.  Sometimes it’s legal, and they’re just being really sneaky.  But other times they’re downright lying (and acting in bad faith); a scenario that can land them in a heap of trouble, so you don’t run into it all that often.

Instead, you might run into some of these claims that can fall within the scope of still being honest, but aren’t quite true.

You Must Use an In Network Body Shop

Insurance companies have preferred auto body repair shops.  They’re the shops that have been vetted, are known to do a good job, and the entire repair process has been streamlined when you use these shops.

When you’re setting up repairs (assuming you’ve been in a minor fender bender and a call to a Texas car accident attorney like Herbert & Eberstein isn’t in order), the insurance company will encourage you to use one of their in network shops, maybe even claiming the process is streamlined and you will get your car back sooner (not necessarily true).

The reality is that you have the right to choose.  You can choose any repair shop that you desire.

Your Claim Wasn’t Filed Properly

We live in a world of technicalities.  Often, if an insurance company can avoid a large settlement based on one, they do so.  It’s a legal (although ethically suspicious) method of saving some money.

When you applied for your insurance, you have to give quite a bit of information.  But what if you didn’t give complete information?  Or you outright lied on the insurance application?  For instance, maybe you said you commute 10 miles round trip to work each day, but in reality it’s closer to 40 miles?  The shorter commute might get you better rates, and so you went with that number.  While they can’t really deny a claim because of that particular scenario, that may not always be the case.

It’s never a good idea to skew your insurance application or claim form just to save money on premiums.  But if you make an honest mistake, it’s not the end of the world.

There’s a Deadline on Your Settlement

One of the biggest myths out there is that you have to hurry up and accept the settlement before it goes away.  Any deadline that you are given is arbitrary, and designed to “encourage” you to take a settlement offer that may not fully compensate you for your loss.

In some circumstances, where the car wreck involved loss of life, injury, or major disability, determining a fair settlement amount can take a significant amount of time.  Of course, this is when you will want a Texas car accident attorney on your side; someone that knows what a fair settlement is.

Come to Herbert & Eberstein: Texas Car Accident Attorneys

Some settlements go quickly and smoothly.  Someone bumps into your rear quarter panel, you swap info, and insurance pays to fix it.  Done.  But many others don’t go quite as smoothly.  Many others are much more serious.

If you’re ever in a car accident that is more than a minor bump, you need to speak with a Texas accident attorney like Zach Herbert or Brian Eberstein.  Years of experience and knowledge on what a good settlement looks like, you can be assured that your case will be handled appropriately, and you will be treated fairly.

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