Four Essentials for Riding in Cold Weather

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Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle this Winter

Unless there’s some ice on the road, a great rider doesn’t slow down just because there is cold weather.

As we progress through fall and into the winter, it’s important to make sure you’re wearing the right clothing while you ride.  Then, when you’re warm and toasty, you can think clearly and have the dexterity necessary to maneuver out of those dangerous situations.

The Car Crash Captain has rounded up four cold weather essentials to keep you safe and riding all year round.

Cold Weather Clothing for your Motorcycle

There are a ton of great brands out there.  Choose your favorite, and keep warm on a bike as the cars around you keep their heaters blasting.

Heated Winter Gloves – As technology progresses, one of the most amazing inventions are heated clothes.  Sure, they’ve been around for a while.  But they’re much more efficient with rechargeable batteries.

Heated gloves will ensure that your fingers stay toasty warm.  Warm fingers mean that you have the dexterity necessary to operate your motorcycle safely.  Of course, heated isn’t a requirement, but make sure you have something with a good shell (leather is always a great option) that will block the wind and keep the heat in.

Moisture Wicking Base Layer – When you’re all bundled up, there’s a chance that you might get a little too warm.  When you start to sweat, your clothing gets wet.  Wet clothes can be a disaster if they’re not the right kind of clothes.

Moisture wicking means it moves the moisture away from the body.  You don’t want cold damp clothes if the temperatures drop even more.  A good base layer is your first line of defense against this.  Multiple layers help to keep you from overheating by allowing some to be removed.

Full-Face Helmet – No matter when you’re riding, summer or winter, a full-face helmet is your best bet for protection on your motorcycle.  With a visor that closes, and vents that can be manipulated, you can keep as warm, or as cool, as necessary.

In the event of a crash, the full-face helmet is going to provide maximum protection to some of the most delicate parts of your body.

Neck Protection – Neck protection isn’t about armoring up your neck.  It’s about protecting it from the wind and possibly the rain.

With a good helmet and a good jacket, you have two means of keeping the warmth in.  But then there’s the neck, an opportunity for all that hard earned heat to escape.  While you can wrap a scarf around there, a neck gaiter is going to be a more secure option.  There are plenty to choose from, including many that are windproof and water resistant.

Visit with Herbert Law Group if You’re Injured

Winter is a dangerous time to ride.  There are more obstacles on the road, visibility is reduced, and people aren’t paying nearly enough attention to those on two wheels.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle wreck, or if your loved one was killed while riding, then we need to have a conversation.

Motorcycle wrecks can be complicated.  Many insurance providers, courts, and juries don’t fully understand what it means to ride a motorcycle.  A lot of them have the wrong impression that bikers are just out there being dangerous and stupid.

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