5 Tips for Riding your Motorcycle in the Rain

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Fall is Coming and so is the Rain

As the weather starts to cool, we start to see some rain coming down.  It’s not that fall is especially rainier than the rest of the summer, but rather the cooler weather means the streets stay wet longer, and the risks while riding increase.

From slick streets, to diminished visibility, to cooler weather; the fall can be an exciting time to ride your motorcycle, but it takes a little extra precaution to ensure that you don’t become the victim of a motorcycle crash.

Today, the Car Crash Captain lays out a handful of tips so you can stay safe on two wheels, even if you’re caught in the rain.

How to Stay Safe on your Motorcycle in the Rain

When it’s pouring down rain all day long, most riders aren’t going to venture out.  It’s just not a whole lot of fun to get soaked to the bone.  But we can’t always tell when that rain is going to come out of nowhere.  Sometimes you just get caught in the rain.

When that happens, these 5 tips will help ensure you get home safely.

Brighten things Up a Bit – We don’t just mean use your headlights, that’s kind of a given since the bulk of motorcycles on the road today don’t get the option to turn the headlights off.

No, we mean in regards to your clothing.  When it’s raining, it’s harder to see.  Dark clothing blends in with the background much more than brighter clothing.  So opt for those yellows, oranges, and pinks so you’re able to stand out and be seen.

Slow things Down a Bit – Just like any accident prevention tip, slower is less lethal.  The bulk of deaths on American roads happen at higher speeds.  It’s just simple physics.

When it’s raining or wet outside, slowing down can mean two things.  First, you’re able to react much faster in the event that another driver does something stupid.  Second, you’re able to recover much better if you happen to lose control.

Smooth is Your Friend – Nobody likes riding on bumpy roadways.  But when it comes to a smooth ride, we’re not talking about the terrain.

Instead, we’re talking about your movements.  Keep them nice and fluid (no pun intended; well, a small pun intended).  Ease on and off the throttle, on and off the brakes, lean sparingly so if you hit a slick spot you don’t end up on your side.  You get it.

Puddles are Not Your Friends – Puddles are fun to splash in when you’re a kid.  If you’re on a bicycle and you want to spray water all over, then by all means zip right through them.  Even small puddles if you’re driving on four wheels aren’t an issue.

Busting down the roadway on two wheels can mean losing control after hitting something unseen beneath the surface.  We actually have a short video of what can happen if you go through a puddle.

Walk… er, Ride, the Line – When the conditions outside aren’t great, it’s best to play it safe.

On wet roadways, modern tires are really good at shedding water out of the way.  You can actually see the result when you’re following someone; that line where they just drove will be the driest (and often the least slick) spot.  Put your wheels in those wheel lines, and ride the line.

Get in Touch with Herbert Law Group if You’ve been in a Wreck

Following safety tips when riding a motorcycle means that you’re less likely to be involved in a wreck.  But it doesn’t mean you’re always going to be safe.  There’s one thing we can’t account for.

We can’t prevent other motorists from acting negligently.

If that happens, and you’re the victim of a motorcycle wreck, then you need an experienced motorcycle attorney from the Dallas area to help you receive financial compensation, so that you can heal.

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